Red Carpet USA has a strong repertation in serving the community and we do it in many ways.  As an entertainment and events company we figure out the best ways to bring out the people in the community.  We do this through putting on fun activites such as live shows, business expos, Job fairs, Educational classes, Community Competitions and other creative events.  On this page, if you click on the icons below we will give you a feel of some of our most successful events. 

Job Fair / Career Expo / Business Expo

Here you can click on the following links below that will show videos of past events 

giving you a glimps of our past Job / Career Expos, Business Expo's and Educational Classes from the years 2010 through 2016.


2013 Yuengling​ Job Fair

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Community Business Exposure 

RED CARPET USA is a large component in the community.  We make it our business to connect the community with the small business in the neighborhood.  We achive this by organizating small events and providing entertainment to improve community relations through entertainment and putting on events that will bring out the people and get to know what type of business and create networks.

Out Door Events


Car show, Motorcycle show


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